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Advanced Therapeutic Massage

Advanced Therapeutic Massage is a scientifically grounded approach to bodywork, meticulously tailored to individual physiology. This modality integrates myofascial release, trigger point therapy, and neuromuscular techniques to target specific muscular imbalances. Through precise application, it releases tension, improves range of motion, and restores optimal muscle function. Personalised assessments ensure targeted treatment for musculoskeletal issues, chronic pain, and stress-related disorders. 

Chronic Pain and Musculoskeletal Issues

Advanced Therapeutic Massage stands as a beacon of relief for those grappling with persistent muscular discomfort and chronic pain conditions. Whether it's back pain, neck tension, or other musculoskeletal issues, this specialised approach offers targeted relief. By targeting trigger points and releasing muscle tension, it can provide relief from migraines and tension headaches, neck stiffness, shoulder pain, sciatic / piriformis syndrome, and other non-medical muscular issues. 


Promotes Muscular Ease and Flexibility

Advanced Therapeutic Massage employs various techniques that help gently stretch and realign connective tissue and muscle fibers thus improving metabolic flow that allows better blood and nutrients supply to the soft tissue. It targets areas where tension commonly builds up, offering relief from aches and strains associated with daily activities and postural changes.


Aids in Healing and Recovery

This massage modality supports the body's healing journey post-treatment. Enhancing blood circulation and lymphatic flow, aids in reducing inflammation, fostering tissue repair, and expediting the recovery of muscles and ligaments that may have experienced strain.

Personalised Assessment

Your session will begin with an assessment. I will take the time to understand your unique needs, whether they involve specific musculoskeletal concerns, chronic pain conditions, or stress-related issues. This assessment ensures that the massage is tailored precisely to address your individual requirements.

Communication and Comfort

Throughout the session, communication is encouraged. Feel free to express any preferences, concerns, or areas of focus. It's essential that you feel comfortable and at ease, so don't hesitate to let me know if you'd like adjustments to pressure or technique.

Post-Massage Guidance

Once the massage is complete, I will provide recommendations for post-treatment care. This could include advice on hydration, stretches, exercises, or other self-care practices that can enhance the benefits of the massage.

As a dedicated massage therapist, I prioritise the safety and well-being of each client.

Before scheduling a massage, please be aware of the following factors and contraindications:

  • Contagious/Infectious disease

  • Severe Cardiovascular problems

  • Severe unexplained pain

  • Undiagnosed inflammation

  • Recent fractured bones/Joint dislocation

  • Severe kidney/liver problems

  • Herpes/Herpes Zoster

  • High fever

  • Appendicitis

  • Acute bursitis

  • Vaccinations less than 72 hours before the intended massage treatment

If you have any concerns or questions about the suitability of massage for your specific situation, please consult with your healthcare provider.

Advanced Therapeutic Massage and its benefits 

What to expect during Advanced Therapeutic Massage

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